Anbalayam Day Care Centre


The   Anbalayam Day Care Centre serves the senior citizens with the support of Help Age India. Various health camps are conducted for the benefit of the Senior citizens.

The communities where we work are

  1. K. M. Garden – Kalyana Mastri Garden
  2. Otteri- Sathyavani Muthu Nagar
  3. Santhsoh Nagar
  4. Pullapuram
  5. Kalyanapuram

Ongoing Programs at the above areas include:-

  1. Medical Consultations for senior citizens by experienced Doctors
  2. Physiotherapy camps for senior citizens
  3. Eye camps conducted by Rajan Eye Care and cataract surgeries.
  4. General Medical camps for the community
  5. Awareness programs on “Importance of maintaining general health and Hygiene & Protection of senior citizens.
  6. Advocacy programs for senior citizens.


Ways to Volunteer?

  •  Visit them in the community and encourage them