PASTOR PFEIFFER HOME [P. P. Home] on Main Campus

This is a home for girls who are either orphans or come from single family backgrounds. The girls vary in age from kindergarten to college-going. They follow a schedule organized by the housemother for them which includes regular time for games, studies and chores.

Ways to Volunteer?

  Tutor the girls in small groups or one-to-one. Help them enhance their spoken English skills

  Organize weekend classes on health, hygiene and social issues

  Organize activities during their play hour especially on weekends

  Teach them a craft or a hobby

Lily Pithavadian Balwadi [L. P. B.] on Main Campus

At LPB we conduct a nursery school for about 40 children from the nearby slums. Here they learn the basics of Tamil and English, are taught some fun activities and also told stories.

Ways to Volunteer?

Interact with the children and tell them stories

Teach them moral codes and other such relevant issues

Teach them a craft/art or any games/singing



At this centre we have a nursery school for children in the age group of 3+ from the rural areas. Various teaching aids are available for the children. We also provide balanced nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and tea. Regular health and dental camps are held to monitor the overall well-being of the children.

Ways to Volunteer?

 Teach English to the children, that they may be on par with other nursery schools

 Read stories, play with the children and maybe teach them some craft  


Our UCDP conducts a night school, a sort of tuition for children of varied ages, who attend regular school during the day. There are at least three centres for the night school across the city.

Ways to Volunteer?

  Tutor of a small group of the 8th and 9th standard children in English, Mathematics and other subjects if possible

  Conduct Spoken English classes