Rural Development Project

The Feeding Programme

RDP Balwadi Sports Day:  Students performing March past and drill.


The Rural Development Project (RDP) premise is situated at Mudichur a village about 7km from Tambaram, 40 km away from the heart of the city of Chennai. What started as a famine relief programme in 1952 has now blossomed in to multi programme activities which empower women at all levels to struggle for justice and betterment.

 The Rural Development Project aims to:

Develop and maintain outreach programmes at villages where there is need for action, expand rural development activities with a view to meeting unmet needs of the village community through comprehensive welfare programmes and training schemes, form women’s groups to implement training and education programmes for them.


Nursery School:

We have forty children taken care of by a full-time teacher.

 Day care Centre:

The Arulalaya Day Care Centre at Mudichur has eighteen elders who are provided with breakfast, lunch and tea daily. Their medical expenses are met partially. The DCC is supported by Help Age India.

 Tailoring Classis:

We conduct tailoring classes at two centres regularly, Varanavasi and Manimangalam. Fifty students have availed this opportunity this year.

 Rural Community College:

A Diploma course in Desk Top Publishing (DTP) is offered to women students in our Community College.

 Vocational Training for Women: Vocational classes are conducted at the premises by Central Polytechnic through their Community Development Training Programme. They provide training to women and girls who have not had the opportunity to acquire a skill in tailoring, beautician and jewellery making.


Awareness programmes on education, family welfare, employment and governmental scholarships and schemes provided by the Government are conducted in coordination with the Central Board of Workers Education

Health Care: Antenatal and Postnatal checkups, Vaccinations and Oral Polio Vaccine campus are contacted by the PHC on our campus.

Medical Camps:

Medical camps for creating an awareness among the people on various health problems like Diabetics, Cancer etc are conducted and many people have benefitted from them.


Ways to Volunteer?

  • Teach English to the children, that they may be on par with other nursery schools.
  • Read stories, play with the children and maybe teach them some craft