Membership And Fellowship

Membership Photo

The YMCA General Secretary, David McConaughy and his wife Lillie were instrumental in starting the YWCA of Madras. The uniqueness of the YWCA is that it is open to women and girls irrespective of their race, caste, colour and creed. The YWCA seeks to promote friendship, understanding and togetherness among the members through its varied programmes and activities, which are geared to meet the needs of the members. Programmes change with the times, to suit the lifestyle of each generation, taking into account the interests of the members and the resources available, but the objectives have always been to help members grow personally and in relationship with others.

Membership is open to any woman or girl regardless of caste, class or creed. There are three types of Membership i.e. Electoral, Associate and Junior.

Electoral – Any woman or girl 18 years of age or over, who acknowledges a personal commitment to the Christian Basis and accepts the Aim shall be entitled to Electoral Membership of the Association.

Associate – Any woman or girl, 18 years of age or over who is in sympathy with the Aim but does not subscribe to the Christian Basis may become an Associate Member of the Association, without the right to vote or to hold office.

Junior – Any girl over 8 and under 18 years of age who wishes to join the Association can become a Junior Member by making the following pledge. ‘In joining the YWCA with girls all over the world, I seek to cherish health, to follow truth, to love God and to serve others’.

Supporters – Any person who is interested in supporting the wok of the Association may become a supporter by paying a contribution.

The YWCA promotes religious and fellowship activities.