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Sahodari - Family Counselling Centre

SAHODARI a term evocative of a sisterly bond in Tamil is a project of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Madras providing succor, shelter and support to distressed women for the last twenty-five years. It was started in the year 1986 as a short stay home and a family counselling centre offering protection, guidance, legal aid and medical care to “Women in Crisis” – women facing marital violence, victims of rape and abuse, women with husbands who are drug and alcohol addicts causing the breakup of homes, run away women with children, girls stranded in bus and railway stations, women with psychiatric problems, homeless women etc.

The Services and Activities of Sahodari Project: –

A major part of Sahodari’s activities relate to crisis intervention and counselling, inclusive of emergency Short Stay Home for Women and Children in distress, Marital Counselling:, Legal Advice and Referral Services, vocational training and rehabilitation services like Skill Training Programmes, Hostel Placement for children of the Clients, home placement for women, utiliseas tapping the services available in government welfare schemes, providing medical services and treatment.

SAHODARI also organizes Workshops, Seminars and Community programmes for the public, students and other women’s organizations to create awareness of social problems faced by women and children. It actively participates in the Police Advisory Committee and similar bodies to help prevent crimes against women. It is also a training centre for study and research for postgraduate social work students and other social welfare trainees.

Ways to Volunteer?

  • Family counselling, preferably those with a degree in Social Work or Psychology
  • Provide Legal aid when necessary, especially connected with the family court